Building Stimfit


Christoph Schmidt-Hieber


24 August, 2021

Installing with MacPorts

Download and install MacPorts from here.

If you just want to install Stimfit and/or the stfio module, do

sudo port install stimfit py27-stfio py34-stfio

If you want to build stimfit from source, you’ll first need to install git:

sudo port install git-core

Get the Stimfit source from the git repository

git clone

Edit the MacPorts sources configuration file (/opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf) and place the following line before the one that reads

rsync:// [default]

(change the path to the Stimfit directory accordingly).



using the root of your account as opposed to a subdirectory (ie, Documents or Downloads folders) may prevent permissions access errors when building.

Next, go to the Stimfit macports directory

cd ${STIMFITDIR}/macosx/macports

Add the local ports file to MacPorts by running the following command at this location

sudo portindex

When finished, you can now build Stimfit in MacPorts

sudo port install stimfit

MacPorts will download and install various dependencies, and then attempt to build Stimfit from source.

Installing with Homebrew

This is very experimental; currently it will most likely not install a full version of Stimfit.

brew install schloegl/biosig/stimfit